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CNCF-hosted Co-located Events Europe 2024 taking place on 19 March. This event is happening in person at Paris Expo Porte De Versailles in Paris, France.

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Tuesday, March 19

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Application Modernization: From Concept to Kubernetes - George Hantzaras, MongoDB Level 7.3 | Room S04 Everything, Everywhere All at Once: The Infinite Potential of Application Sets and Matrix Generators - Luke Philips, The New York Times Company & Dan Garfield, Codefresh Level 7.3 | Room N04 Growing Pain: Scaling to 10K Workflows per Week - Yao Lin & Tianchi Yin, Bloomberg LP Level 7.3 | Room N03 Scaling the Stage: Managing 200+ Plugins & Thousands of Engineers - Vincenzo Scamporlino, Spotify Level 7.1 | Room C Bee-Lieve in the Metadata: Pollenating Build Attestations on Kubernetes with Tetragon and EBPF - Tom Meadows, TestifySec Level 7.3 | Room S01 Pods Everywhere! InterLink: A Virtual Kubelet Abstraction Streamlining HPC Resource Exploitation - Diego Ciangottini, INFN Level 7.3 | Room S03 End-to-End ID-Based Network Policy Enforcement for Traffic via XDP Load Balancer and Service Mesh - Vinay Kulkarni & Naji Mohamed Abdulla, eBay Level 7.3 | Room S06 The Kubernetes Hunger Games: Distro Performance in the Edge - Shivay Lamba, WasmEdge & Saiyam Pathak, Civo Level 7.3 | Room S05 Multi-Tenant vs. Micro-Clusters in Kubernetes-Driven Platform Engineering - Victor Varza & Daniel Coman, Adobe Level 7.3 | Room S02 How to Think About Instrumentation Overhead - Jason Plumb, Splunk Level 7.1 | Room A TTChat’s Story: Connect Metrics, Logs and Traces with EBPF - Zhu Jiekun, Quwan Level 7.3 | Room N01 - N02 Departure from the SDK and Plugin Framework: Let’s Add Some Rust to Tofu - Florian Lemaitre, Aneo Level 7.3 | Room E05 - E06 Building a Platform Engineering API Layer with kcp - Marvin Beckers, Kubermatic GmbH Level 7.1 | Room B Connecting Thanos to the Outer Rim via Query API - Filip Petkovski, Shopify & Mahmoud Amin, Google Level 7.3 | Room E02

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Testing Cloud Apps: Mocks vs. Service Virtualization vs. Remocal Tools - Daniel Bryant, Big Picture Tech Level 7.3 | Room S04 Demystifying Argo Workflows: An Architectural Deep Dive - Darko Janjić, Pipekit & Becky Pauley, Venafi Jetstack Consult Level 7.3 | Room N03 GitOps for the Edge: Delivering WebAssembly with Argo CD - Dan Norris & Joonas Bergius, Cosmonic Level 7.3 | Room N04 Meshing It up Securely: How Roche Manages Network Connectivity for 1000+ Edge Clusters - Hector Monsalve & Edgar Pardo,, Roche Level 7.3 | Room S01 Extending Cloud Native Boundaries! Bringing KubeEdge Workloads to AndroidOS - Yue Bao, Huawei & Fucai Wen, Kongjie smart Level 7.3 | Room S05 Securing Kubernetes Multi-Tenancy: Navigating Challenges Through DevSecOps Control and Visibility - Abhinav Mishra, Uptycs Level 7.3 | Room S02 Dynamically Tuning Pods: Leveraging Time Series ML Models with KubeFlow - Christopher Nuland, Red Hat Level 7.3 | Room N01 - N02 Unlocking Multi-Cloud Observability: The Case Study of EO4EU Project's Observability Platform - Francesco Maria Cultrera, CINECA; Armagan Karatosun, ECMWF Level 7.1 | Room A Multiverse of Thanos: Making Thanos Multi-Tenanted - Jacob Baungård Hansen & Coleen Iona Quadros, Red Hat Level 7.3 | Room E02 Panel: A Front Row Seat to Backstage Adoption - Emma Indal, Spotify; Daniel Laird, OVO Energy; Levi Ferreira, Zalando; Bogdan Nechyporenko, Bol.com; Alexandre Blondot, H&M Level 7.1 | Room C Panel: Ask Me Anything About Istio Service Mesh - Lin Sun, Solo.io; Eric Van Norman, IBM; John Howard, Google; Mitch Connors, Aviatrix; Louis Ryan, Solo.io Level 7.3 | Room S06 Panel: OpenTofu Powerusers Panel | 4 Powerusers From Organizations Such as Allianz, Affirm, BlueCross BlueShield, and Toyota Level 7.3 | Room E05 - E06 Panel: The Platform Rock-Paper-Scissors: Build, Adopt, Buy - Jorge Lainfiesta, Independent Contributor; Leena Mooneeram, Chainalysis; Victor Araujo, Wolt; Jinhong Brejnholt, Saxo Bank; Edgaras Petovradžius, LEGO... Level 7.1 | Room B

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Sleep Better at Night: Dapr's Approach to Secure Cloud Native Development - Alice Gibbons, Diagrid Level 7.3 | Room S04 Bridging Argo Notifications - Andre Marcelo-Tanner, Ada Support & Alistair Israel, Ada Level 7.3 | Room N04 Why Is It Taking so Long?! Shining the Light on Application Syncs in Argo CD with Keptn - Christian Hernandez, Akuity & Andreas Grabner, Dynatrace Level 7.3 | Room N03 An Easier Path to a Rich Catalog - Sam Blausten & Irma Solakovic, Roadie Level 7.1 | Room C Supercharge Kubernetes Networking with Cilium and IPv6 - Daneyon Hansen, Solo.io Level 7.3 | Room S01 The Hitchhiker's Guide to Kubernetes Platforms: Don’t Panic, Just Launch! - Alexa Griffith & Tessa Pham, Bloomberg Level 7.3 | Room S03 Discover How to Create Your Own Metadata-Driven ML Platform from Scratch - Ted Chang & Yihong Wang, IBM Level 7.3 | Room S05 Another Choice for Istio Multi-Cluster & Multi-Network Deployment Model - Haiwen Zhang & Yongxi Zhang, China Mobile Level 7.3 | Room S06 A Scalable Platform for Training and Inference Using Kubeflow at CERN - Philipp Gadow & Diana Gaponcic, CERN Level 7.3 | Room S02 Logs Collection With eBPF: Like a Super-Powered Postal Service - Aviv Zohari, groundcover Level 7.1 | Room A Telemetry Showdown: Fluent Bit Vs. OpenTelemetry Collector - a Comprehensive Benchmark Analysis - Henrik Rexed, Dynatrace Level 7.3 | Room N01 - N02 Designing for Success: UX Principles for Internal Developer Platforms - Kirsten Schwarzer, Octopus Deploy Level 7.1 | Room B

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Navigating the Complexities of Service to Service Invocations: Deep and Brief Dive Into Causality - Nele Lea Uhlemann, Fiberplane Level 7.3 | Room S04 Leveraging Argo Ecosystem for Scalable Cloud-Native Solutions at Databricks - Rohit Agrawal & Arjun Dcunha, Databricks, Inc. Level 7.3 | Room N03 Mastering Argo Workflows at Scale: A Practical Guide to Scalability Excellence - Tim Collins, Pipekit & Alec Stansell, Fetch Analytics Level 7.3 | Room N04 Cilium Beyond Linux: Extending eBPF to Windows Infrastructure - Chandan Aggarwal & Alan Jowett, Microsoft Level 7.3 | Room S01 Effortless Scalability: Orchestrating Large Language Model Inference with Kubernetes - Rohit Ghumare, devrelasservice.com & Joinal Ahmed, Navatech AI Level 7.3 | Room S03 Isovalent: A Case Study in Open Source Startups - Stephen Augustus, Cisco & Liz Rice, Isovalent Level 7.3 | Room E01 🌍⚡ Edge Evolution: Orange's Edge Strategy with WebAssembly & CNCF WasmCloud - Yann Cardon, Orange Level 7.3 | Room E05 - E06 Lessons Learned from Building a Database Operator - Rajdeep Das & Sebastian Łaskawiec, MongoDB Level 7.3 | Room S05 Cluster Optimization: Harnessing DPUs for Ambient Mesh Workloads - Shatakshi Mishra & Abed Mohammad Kamaluddin, Marvell Technology Level 7.3 | Room S06 Efficient Integration of Kubeflow Tools: An ISS Data Case Study on Anomaly Detection - Henrik Sebastian Steude, Helmut Schmidt University & Christian Geier, Just Add AI Level 7.3 | Room S02 Observability at the Edge: Instrumenting WebAssembly with OpenTelemetry - Dan Norris & Joonas Bergius, Cosmonic Level 7.3 | Room N01 - N02 Real-World Sampling – Lessons Learned After Reducing ~80% of Our O11y Costs - Juraci Paixão Kröhling, Grafana Labs & Alexandre Magno Prado Machado, Pismo Soluções Tecnológicas Level 7.1 | Room A Unlocking Innovation: How NatWest Bank Uses Cloud Native Tools to Deliver Platform as a Product - Chris Plank, Natwest Group & Derik Evangelista, Syntasso Level 7.1 | Room B

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DAPR and Wasm; a Symbiosis for Polyglot Application Development - Sven Pfennig & Christoph Voigt, Liquid Reply GmbH Level 7.3 | Room S04 Harnessing Karpenter: Transforming Kubernetes Clusters with Argo Workflows - Carlos Santana & Raj Saha, AWS Level 7.3 | Room N04 Progressive Delivery Made Easy with Argo Rollouts - Natalia Angulo & Carlos Sanchez, Adobe Level 7.3 | Room N03 Assembling a Bigger Band: Backstage Plugins in Any Language with WebAssembly - Victor Adossi, Cosmonic Level 7.1 | Room C Curveballs: Learnings from Instrumenting Managed Runtime Applications with eBPF - Nikola Grcevski & Mario Macías, Grafana Labs Level 7.3 | Room S01 Resource-Aware Scheduling for Production GenAI with RAG running on Multicluster Cloud Kubernetes - Anne Holler, Elotl & Dave Southwell, Deft Computing Level 7.3 | Room S03 Licensing Tradeoffs in Open Source Startups - Nicholas Gottlieb, Dragonfly Level 7.3 | Room E01 WebAssembly on the Factory Floor: Efficient and Secure Processing of High Velocity Machine Data - Jochen Rau & Tyler Schoppe - MachineMetrics, LLC Level 7.3 | Room E05 - E06 Advanced CSI-FUSE Filesystem for AI/ML Data Management in Kubernetes - Lu Qiu, Alluxio Level 7.3 | Room S05 Securing a Managed Jupyter Notebook Platform Using Istio & OPA - Yao Weng & Yifan Zhang, Bloomberg LP Level 7.3 | Room S06 The Good, the Bad, and the Missing Parts of Kubeflow - Ricardo Martinelli de Oliveira, Red Hat Level 7.3 | Room S02 Shift Into an Observability Mindset with OpenTelemetry - Daniel Gomez Blanco, Skyscanner Level 7.3 | Room N01 - N02 To K8S and Beyond – Maturing Your Platform Engineering Initiative - Nicki Watt, OpenCredo Level 7.1 | Room B

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Declarative Event-Driven-Application Patterns with Knative - Pierangelo Di Pilato & Matthias Wessendorf, Red Hat Level 7.3 | Room S04 Argo CD - Plugins as Services - Alan Clucas, Pipekit Level 7.3 | Room N04 Platform Engineering with the Argo Ecosystem: The Elastic Story - Alejandro Martínez & Stephen Schmidt, Elastic Level 7.3 | Room N03 Theming Backstage: Make It Your Own! - Tim Hansen, Spotify Level 7.1 | Room C Speedrun Through Splicing Sockets with Sockmap - Jakub Sitnicki, Cloudflare Level 7.3 | Room S01 Building Serverless AI Apps with Spin and WebAssembly - Matt Butcher & Radu Matei, Fermyon Level 7.3 | Room S03 CRI-O's WASM Adventure: Challenges, Strategies, and What Lies Ahead - Sohan Kunkerkar & Peter Hunt, Red Hat Level 7.3 | Room E05 - E06 Cloud-Native Dataspaces: Experiences from the German Research Data Ecosystem - Sebastian Beyvers, Justus Liebig University Giessen Level 7.3 | Room S05 Istio and DNS - Costin Manolache, Google Level 7.3 | Room S06 What Is Going on Within My Network? a Subtle Introduction to Cilium Hubble - Shedrack Akintayo, Isovalent Level 7.3 | Room N01 - N02 Is Your OSS Project Ready to Spin off Into a Company? - Arsh Sharma & Ramiro Berrelleza, Okteto; Idit Levine, Solo.io; Madhuri Yechuri, Elotl Inc.; Shauli Rozen, ARMO Level 7.3 | Room E01 Panel: AutoML and Training Working Group Updates - Andrey Velichkevich, Apple; Yuki Iwai, CyberAgent; Johnu George, Nutanix; Amber Graner, Open Source Evangelist Level 7.3 | Room S02 Panel: Navigating the Path to Platform Engineering Excellence: A Comprehensive Guide - Cortney Nickerson, Kubeshop; William Rizzo, SUSE; Abby Bangser, Syntasso; Areti Panou, SAP SE; Aparna Subramanian, Shopify Level 7.1 | Room B

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